Multi-Oriented Solar Integration in Noke, Oxfordshire

Multi-Oriented Solar Integration Oxfordshire


JCC Solar Ltd was engaged by a residential client, Mr. Thompson, who was looking to embrace renewable energy and reduce his reliance on the grid. The challenge for JCC Solar was the diverse roof orientations of Mr. Thompson’s house in Noke, just outside Bicester, Oxfordshire.


Optimise Energy Harvesting:
Design a solar panel layout that maximises energy production across two different roof orientations.

Energy Storage and Independence:
Implement a robust energy storage solution using SolaX batteries to store excess energy for use during low sunlight periods and achieve partial grid independence.

Aesthetically Pleasing Finish:
Enhance the visual appeal of the solar installation by incorporating Solaskirt, a solar skirt that conceals and protects the underside of the solar array.


Solar Panel Layout:
JCC Solar conducted a comprehensive site analysis to develop a customised layout for the 18 Trina Solar panels. The design took into account the dual roof orientations, ensuring optimal exposure to sunlight throughout the day.

Hybrid Inverter and Battery System:
To manage energy conversion and storage, JCC Solar recommended and installed a 6kW hybrid inverter along with three SolaX 5.8 kWh batteries. This system allowed Mr. Thompson to store surplus energy and use it when needed, contributing to increased self-sufficiency.

Solaskirt Integration:
For a polished finish, JCC Solar incorporated Solaskirt, a solar skirting system, to conceal the underside of the solar array. This not only improved aesthetics but also provided additional protection against environmental elements.


Panel Installation:
The 18 Trina Solar panels were strategically installed to capture sunlight effectively from both roof orientations, adhering to the designed layout.

Inverter and Battery Setup:
The 6kW hybrid inverter and three SolaX 5.8 kWh batteries were seamlessly integrated into the solar power system, enhancing energy management capabilities.

Solaskirt Application:
The Solaskirt system was applied to the solar array, providing a sleek and finished appearance to the installation while offering protection against debris and weather elements.


High Energy Yield:
Mr. Thompson experienced a significant increase in energy yield due to the optimised layout, even with the challenge of dual roof orientations.

Energy Independence:
The hybrid inverter and SolaX batteries allowed Mr. Thompson to store surplus energy, reducing dependence on the grid during peak consumption periods.

Aesthetic Appeal:
The inclusion of Solaskirt not only enhanced the visual appeal of the solar installation but also contributed to the longevity of the system by providing additional protection.


JCC Solar Ltd successfully tackled the challenge of diverse roof orientations by implementing a tailored solution that optimised energy production and storage. The inclusion of Solaskirt added a finishing touch to the installation, showcasing the company’s commitment to both functionality and aesthetics.

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